Kef Schecter (furrykef) wrote,
Kef Schecter


TaxACT makes your taxes easy! fuck up.

It turns out the last two years in a row I accidentally declared my personal income as my household income on a state form two years in a row. This explains the tax credits I got in those years (small as they are), so most likely I'll have to pay those back, and probably more on top of that. At least it's only my state taxes and not federal taxes that I've screwed up.

Listen, I'm aware I should carefully read everything asked of me. However, they still made it very easy to get wrong, particularly when you consider the poor taxpayer is probably very tired of answering questions at this point (most of which don't remotely apply to me, like questions about agricultural income/expenses or something) and so a word or two is easily glossed over. If only they'd put the words "household income" in bold, which would have taken them about two seconds, the phrase would have caught my eye and they'd have saved me from making a potentially expensive mistake. And if I were filling out the form myself instead of letting this stupid software do it for me, I'd probably never have made the mistake in the first place — partly because the instructions are more obvious, and partly because filling out the actual forms is less mind-numbing than using the software.

Between this, their numerous annoying e-mails throughout the year (how often do they think I pay taxes?!), their deceptive advertising (do your federal and state taxes free! ...until it's time to file them, then we'll charge you $20 on top of your taxes), and the tedium of answering a barrage of questions irrelevant to me that probably take as long as filling out a form anyway, this is probably the last year I use TaxACT. In fact the only reason I'm going to be using them this year is I've already paid the fee. Grumble...

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